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The Puressentiel® ultrasonic diffuser humidifier O'xygen has an ultrasound diffusion system that disperses a light mist of water which can include essential oils if desired.

Humidifier: When used simply with water, the system pleasantly humidifies the ambient air. In dry environments, it is ideal for use in bedrooms to ensure the whole night is spent in an atmosphere that does not dry out the skin and mucous membranes.

Diffuser for essential oils: Add a few drops of essential oil to the water reservoir for aromatic diffusion with a variety of benefits depending on the essential oil(s) selected. The cold ionisation system perfectly preserves the properties of the essential oils. Whether it be unpleasant odours, the first signs of winter, stressful situations, indoor pollution or other, the diffusion of essential oils offers you true moments of wellbeing and relaxation no matter what time of year.

Very quiet, practical and easy to look after, this diffuser is ideal for daily use with complete peace of mind. Diffusion can be continuous, cyclical or with programmed pauses; and can be accompanied by soft colour changing ambient lighting. The large reservoir allows for a long period of diffusion: when it is completely full (300ml), diffusion is possible for up to 12 hours.

Please see enclosed instructions.

We recommend only diffusing ready-to-use Puressentiel® diffusion blends or 100% pure and natural, botanically and biochemically defined essential oils from the Puressentiel® range.


Made of plastic

Dimensions : 147 x 149 mm.

Reservoir capacity : 300 ml.

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