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Set of 4 Wave Cutting Mats

  • $2995

Functional is always the key—but isn't it fun when kitchen tools can add a bit of colour to your life, too? The colour-coded cutting mats offer an ideal mix of pretty and practical!

Each mat is colour and symbol coded to avoid cross-contamination (meat, poultry, vegetables and fish).

These flexible, dishwasher-safe mats feature colour and icon coding for each of meat, poultry, vegetables and fish, eliminating any risk of cross-contamination while you're whipping up your latest masterpiece.

They're made of a durable material that flexes for easy funneling of food into bowls, pots or saucepans. These space-saving mats won't dull your favourite knives, and they feature an anti-skid base to keep everything in place while you're getting your chop on!


Red (meat): 43 x 33 cm

Yellow (poultry): 37 x 27 cm

Green (vegetables): 20.3 x 28 cm

Blue (fish): 15.3 x 21 cm

Material: Polypropylene

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