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Christmas box // gift

Christmas box

This product is only accessible through this promotion.

Skin-care box valued at $135 offered for free with any purchase of $75 or more.

- Atoderm SOS Spray - Bioderma - 200 ml
- Atoderm Ultra-Gentle Shower Gel - Bioderma - 100 ml
- Photo Regul 25 SPF Cream - Esthederm - 50 ml
- Cellular Water Fondant Cream - Esthederm - 30 ml
- Micellar After-Sun Shower Gel - Esthederm - 30 ml
- Set of 3 bracelets

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer (e.g., Black Friday).

If you take advantage of this promotion, products purchased on the Store will not be refundable. You will be able to exchange the product, if conditions permit it, for one or more products of an equivalent or greater total value.

Stock is limited.

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