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Anti-Stress Coloring - Patterns Shapes & Designs

  • $1495

Coloring book for adults - Art therapy

Detailed coloring drawings for adults inspired by the shapes and patterns.

Let yourself be inspired. Draw to the sound of the relaxing CD: a calm activity that will calm you, and that will give you a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Include :

  • 48 beautifully detailed coloring sheets on high quality paper, perfect for framing
  • Relaxation music CD included to aid in stress relief
  • Protective inlay card - acts as a tablet protecting the sheets beneath fromany marks or indents. Just slip it underneath the sheet you're coloring
  • Top-bound coloring pad, perfect for bothright & left handed artists
  • Detachable sheets are easy to frame orshare pages at coloring parties

*No exchange or refund on this product if unpacked*

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