(Re)introducing the Not-So-Smart Phone

By Lola Augustine Brown


If you’re nostalgic for the days when you didn’t carry a supercomputer in your pocket—just a cellphone with little functionality beyond the abilities to call or text someone—then you’re in luck: Nokia is bringing back the 3310, which it originally launched 17 years ago.

If you had one of these slim phones, you’ll know why they were so popular in the pre-iPhone era: the 3310 was pretty much indestructible, and the battery lasted for ages. The rebooted version has had a few tweaks—there’s basic Internet access for emergency situations, and it has a basic camera—but it retains those same great qualities. In fact, the battery will hold its charge for a month in standby mode.

Nokia will be launching the new-old phone first in Europe, where it will sell for 49—just over CDN$69 at the time of writing. Dubbed a dumbphone by some in the press, the 3310 is an inexpensive, sturdy workhorse that will be a boon to those who are on fixed incomes and/or want the security of a mobile phone without all the technology—and for those who are constantly dropping their more expensive and far-too-easy-to-break smartphones.

The truly nostalgic will be delighted to learn that the 3310 comes with the original Nokia ringtones and the ridiculously addictive but simple game, Snake—no Candy Crush or Farmville for 3310 users!

Photo: iStock/AnaBGD (couple).

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