Letters: Don’t Let Scammers Intimidate You

Don’t Let Scammers Intimidate You

The other day, I received a phone call purporting to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). I don’t normally answer calls from phone numbers that I don’t recognize, but the area code was 613, which I know is for eastern Ontario including Ottawa. A recorded voice told me that I owed money and that a warrant was out for my arrest.

To rectify the situation, the voice said, I should call the number displayed on my phone.

I knew the call was a scam, but I decided to phone the number to see what would happen.

Someone answered with, “Canada Revenue Agency…how may I help you?”

I said, “You are not the Canada Revenue Agency. You are fraudsters who are trying to cheat vulnerable people

out of their money!”

The person on the other end immediately hung up.

About half an hour later, I called again. A different voice: “Canada Revenue Agency; how may I help you?”

This time I said, “You are evil fraudsters, cheating people out of their money.”

The person on the other end laughed and hung up. I phoned the police.

The police, including the RCMP, are well aware of this scam. Don’t be frightened into falling for it, and never give out your credit card or other private information unless you know for certain with whom you’re dealing.

Mara Glebovs, Toronto

 Please Keep Your Scent to Yourself

I was surprised and disappointed to read your article on wearing perfume in winter [“Scents for the Season”]. Please consider those who are sensitive to scents and are unable to participate in activities because someone wants to “make a statement with...[a] fragrance.” Even your text admits that fragrances can “bring on headaches or allergic reactions.” I suggest that we make wearing fragrance (in the words of one of your sources) “a very personal experience” and wear it only at home!

Patsy Lawson, Calgary

 Keep Your Kidneys Warm

I love the magazine and the diversity in your articles. I found myself compelled, however, to comment on the article, “Take Care of Your Kidneys” in the December issue. One key bit of advice was missed: it’s as simple as keeping your kidneys warm. I shudder every time I see a motorcyclist driving past with a flapping T-shirt and the kidney area exposed. My mother and my grandmother told me that wearing an undershirt and keeping the urinary tract warm in winter is crucial to maintaining kidney health. It bothers me to see small children playing outside with their backs exposed; they will all pay for it when they’re older, I’m afraid.

Sabine Schleese, Newmarket, ON

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