Letter: If You Think It’s So Easy...

Regarding September’s editor’s letter, “’Tis the Season for More Hot Air,” I do not believe we are the victims of hot election-campaign air. If I could collect all the hot air from complaining potential voters (and some editors), I would have enough to heat my home for several winters. Are we forced to vote for candidates that we wouldn’t trust to walk our dogs? I suggest that, if input equals output, we get the candidates that we deserve. How many of those complaining about political candidates, leaders, and parties would step up and stand as a candidate or leader? If politicians, in general, tell conflicting versions of the truth, why aren’t voters out en masse at debates and candidate campaign offices to demand a full explanation from all involved? How many voters have talked to all the candidates in their ridings face to face? If candidates had to speak to crowds of interested and discerning voters, they would not be speaking only easy words to their faithful supporters. If Murray Lewis were to become a political candidate, would he all of a sudden become one of the yahoos that couldn’t be trusted to walk my dog? I would think editors might have more to contribute than personal mudslinging at all candidates in general. (No, I am neither a candidate nor married to one.)

Raymond Maher

Chilliwack, BC

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