Your Poetry

Your Poetry

The Cedars

The cedars where I live today
Remind me where I used to play.
The black squirrels frolicking to and fro
Remind me how I used to go.
Such fun and games we played back then
Bring happy thoughts remembering.
The cedars where I live today
Provide a pleasant getaway.

And even though I may not walk,
I still can reason, think, and talk.
And I can see, hear, touch, taste, smell,
Laugh and smile, and wish you well.
The cedars where I live today
Remind me every morn to say,
“It’s good to still be here in time,
and finding joy, and writing rhyme.”

Nancy Weatherall
Wasaga Beach, ON


Another Spring

The very word
has a musical ring,
chirp of nestlings,
buzz of bee,
cooing doves
in harmony.
From the park
across the way,
children’s voices
raised in play.

Days of sunlight,
days of showers,
front yards filling up
with flowers—
yellow tulips
washed and pressed,
shining in
their Sunday best.
Another spring—
renewal time,
when Nature
makes our town

Norma West Linder
Sarnia, ON


For my shot,
 do not know
if I will miss, if
I will win,
but I do know that
even if I miss,
at least I took a shot. 
For all the other players,
they do not take shots,
for they fear
that the other team,
will rain down upon them,
as if a downpour,
if they take shots. 
So at least
I take shots,
for all that do not. 
Mackenzie Alexandra Game
(10-year-old ringette player and poet)
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