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In “The Joy of Discovery” (January/February), you mention author Peter May. I hope you read his Lewis trilogy in order: The Blackhouse, The Lewis Man, The Chessmen. Best books ever. His China Thrillers and Enzo Files are also good stories. If you branch out from Scottish stories, Lee Child is a must (his Jack Reacher series), as is Michael Connelly. Of course, Canada has its own Louise Penny, who writes about the people in a small town in Quebec. Her books have a very Canadian feel.

Kathy Collins

Guelph, ON


Those who enjoy Ian Rankin’s books may enjoy the writing of Peter Robinson. He’s an English author who now lives in Canada. His DCI Banks books are better than the TV series based on them.

Kate Atkinson, another English author, who attended the University of Dundee in Scotland, also writes good mystery stories. You must read the books about private investigator Jackson Brodie (she’s written others) in order: Case Histories, One Good Turn, When Will There Be Good News?, and Started Early, Took My New Dog.

Lina Tardio

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Scents Make No Sense

I read the letter from Patsy Lawson (“Please Keep Your Scent to Yourself,” January/February) with appreciation. As one of millions suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), who while otherwise quite healthy can be made suddenly very ill by scents on clothing or hair—not to mention added perfume— I would like to see governments step up and ban many of the toxic chemicals in these products. Anything that has a synthetic scent often has one or more untested chemicals in it. For the last five years, my social life has come mostly to a halt because I cannot be where people are: I cannot travel, go to concerts, etc. This is a man-made condition, solvable by others choosing not to wear any scented product.

Valerie Pusey

Gibsons, BC


Lucky Oliver

The beautiful blank-verse poetry in the March issue by Angie Carnegie of Beeton, ON, very nearly brought tears to my eyes. If her poem aroused such feelings in me, I imagine it must be doing so for many of your other readers. Lucky little Oliver to have such a talented and perceptive Nana. Please keep exposing us to your creative talents, Angie.

Everett Clausen

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